I wanted to tell you what a marvelous experience and what an impression Milo carved in our hearts. Unfortunately people seem to think dogs, animals in general, are disposable items. It is such a large problem in this world; too many stray animals, puppy mills and not enough is done to stop this abuse. There are not enough people like you who dedicate their time to do something about it, and I would like to think more people would help if they knew that they can make a difference if they took the time to do something, anything to help. Not everyone can adopt a pet but if more people can learn what the experience feels like to take a broken unwanted animal and in the matter of a short time transform it back to the healthy, loving pet God intended them to be. Dogs are the few if only unconditional loving creatures on earth, no matter what they went through, they only want to be loved and give love, and in return only ask for kindness and love.

Milo came to us in horrible condition, he had limited vision, had trouble walking, his hair and skin in poor condition. And through all this, this wonderful dog inspired us and proved there is no greater healing power than that of love. I can't tell you or put in to words what an incredible life lesson Milo thought us. You bring a dog into your home who doesn't know you, comes from who knows what experiences and in a matter of days gives you unconditional love. It is something everyone should experience. This beautiful dog in only a few days was healthier, was walking better and treated us like we had been his family his whole life. To see this dog running as best he could to greet you when we came home, his excitement and joy and the love that came from him was incredible. In the short time we where blessed to have him in our life he transformed back to the beautiful dog he was in his youth. His hair grew in jet black and silky and you could see what a truly special little guy he was. The best way to describe it, is that this dog created his own little miracle and all it took from us was loving him and giving him a good home and a warm bed. This is a gift everyone should take the time to give - it will truly change your life.

Diane and I still feel the sadness and void he has left. This little dog who was never any trouble and really didn't take that much extra time and effort from our everyday lives. We are heart broken for not having been given the joy of his love for a longer period of time but are comforted in knowing he was happy and he knew he was loved and wanted when he passed away. I want to share this experience and pass it on to others and I want Milo to stand as the example of all unwanted pets. I want people to know if you can not take a dog into your home, donate money or food or volunteer to help at your local shelters and ASPCA near you. It does make a difference. I was wondering if you would allow Diane and I to start a Milo fund on your web page for people to send money to help all these pets in need. I would like to start the fund with a donation of $500. We won't forget Milo and he made a difference in our lives and I want him to continue making a difference in the lives of others.

Diane & Richard