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Through my relationship with my own dogs, I learned to be thankful for the gift of my life. For so many years I was lost and lonely, desperately searching for a deeper meaning, an explanation for the suffering in the world, and direction for my own life. To my great surprise it was the bark of a dog that awakened the sleeping spirit within me, opening my eyes to the infinite wonder and glory of the world. By taking the time to know my companions, I have come to know myself. Through patience and understanding we earned trust and mutual respect; an unspoken communication of love; gifts that must be shared to grow. These friendships have enriched my sense of self, and allowed me to feel the energy of the life force that flows through and connects all living things. My life has been transformed from a solitary existence into a communion with the wholeness of the universe. My journey has been long, and not without obstacles, but the peace revealed feels lasting and joyful.

My work with rescued dogs is extremely rewarding. Their resilience, in spite of their life experiences, continually amazes and inspires me, and challenges me to be a better person. Acting as ambassadors of goodwill, their gratitude is direct and honest, meeting heart with heart. TTR gives me the opportunity to share my experience by connecting these special dogs with the wonderful people who adopt them.

I believe there are angels among us, and we need not look to the heavens to find them. I have found them seated quietly by my side, loyal companions helping me to find my way. Dogs radiate enthusiasm for life, and are constant reminders of the great potential within all of us. Who else but an angel can heal the soul, letting the true spirit shine through. I believe there are angels among us. Consider welcoming a tiny treasure into your life and you will too.


Kathy McLoughlin, MBA
Tiny Treasures Rescue Inc.



Daisy, Leo, Fritz, Lillybelle


Leo and Lillybelle

Click here for more pictures.

Here's some pictures of the dog room in our prior house.

dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room dog room

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FionaFiona Jewel is a 3 1/2 month old Pug that was rescued from a sub-par breeder by IL-MO Pug Rescue. This adorable little girl is vision impaired, but that does not stop her one bit. Special thanks to Melanie for allowing me to adopt this puppy in December 2011 - what fun we are having! Fiona's middle name Jewel, is in honor of my blind Poodle, Jewel, who recently passed away.

RayRay is a 2 year old stray cat that showed up in my neighborhood in approximately February/March 2013. I thought he was a feral cat. He was skinny and dirty, and looked like an old cat who didn't have long to live. A few times over the summer he let me get close enough to him where I was able to gently touch him. In October 2013 a situation presented itself where I decided to try to grab him. He hissed at me, but I continued to hold him, ran inside, and put him in my spare bedroom. He was scared, but obviously not feral. I brought Ray to the vet to be neutered and have his vaccinations. I intended to try to get him a home. However, after almost one month with no luck, Ray was refusing to stay isolated in the bedroom. I did some training with Ray and the dogs. Without much drama, everyone just got along fine. Ray has turned out to be the most patient, lovable boy. His coat is clean now, soft and beautiful, and he's in great health. In January 2014 it became evident that he was here to stay. So Ray is now an important member of my pack of 9 dogs.

ZoeyZoey, is a Yorkie mix that I found in a shelter in MIssissippi. I was so lucky that she could be transported to me in New York. We believe that she is about 6 years old. She is so sweet, but also has a feisty side. She has settled into the pack and our home perfectly. She's our smallest dog, weighing only 5 pounds, and we couldn't imagine life without her. She is a terrific shopping companion, and a great snuggler.

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yellow dog sings

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have encouraged and assisted me in my rescue efforts.

Special thanks to my mother, who graciously tolerates all of the barking and housebreaking accidents, the baby gates and dogs crates all over the house, and her willingness to frequently travel with a carload of dogs.

Special thanks to my dogs, Daisy, Leo, and Lillybelle, for their patience and acceptance of a steady stream of orphaned dogs, and their willingness to share their home, their beds, their toys, and my attention.

Special thanks to Fritz Patrick, my first foster dog who adopted me. He was the inspiration for Tiny Treasures Rescue, and his picture is proudly included in the TTR logo. My relationship with this little dog changed the course of my life, and I will be forever grateful.

Special thanks to the many people involved in rescue who have educated me along the way.

Special thanks to every orphan that I am blessed to have the pleasure to meet. While most of these dogs have been carelessly discarded, their lives have value, and each of them deserves a chance at a better life. I consider myself lucky to know each little dog.

Lastly, special thanks to God for sending me on this amazing journey, and allowing me to be the temporary guardian of these tiny treasures.

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