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These tiny treasures have passed on.
They touched our lives and we remember them fondly.


Fritz Patrick
Fritz Patrick

June 12, 2004 to April 10, 2005

Fritz Patrick was my first foster dog, a senior Miniature Schnauzer. His former owner discarded him at the Brooklyn Center for Animal Care and Control of NYC to be euthanized. Ruth saw Fritz at the shelter. He was very ill as he was suffering from untreated diabetes. She brought him to her vet for treatment and paid for his extensive medical care and hospitalization out of her own pocket. In addition to being very ill, Fritz was also quite depressed and was refusing to eat. Ruth cooked special meals for him, and visited him daily at the vet so that she could hand feed him.

At the same time I began exploring the possibility of fostering a dog. Miss Rumple's Orphanage referred me to Ruth, and I agreed to foster Fritz. He was lethargic when I took him home because his insulin was not yet regulated. I thought that a spunky German name would help to perk him up. Thus, he became Fritz. Patrick was added to give an Irish twist. Fritz accepted his two shots daily without complaint, and his health gradually improved. After almost a year he suddenly became very ill and his health rapidly deteriorated. Our time together was brief, but profoundly meaningful. I hope he felt the same. Fritz spent the remainder of his life with a family who loved him. He ate well, had a soft bed to sleep in, and a warm sweater to wear in the winter. He went on vacation and got to run on the beach. In return, he blessed my home and my life, and inspired a dream which hopefully will save many dogs.

How do you measure the value of a life? Ruth rescued Fritz, and Fritz saved me. He was the conduit through which God spoke to me and my purpose was revealed. Fritz was the inspiration for TTR. His picture is proudly displayed in our logo. Thanks Ruth for seeing something special in this little dog that was worth saving!

Stuart Little


Stuart was a tiny Senior Chihuahua, weighing only 4 pounds, who was picked up as a stray by the Staten Island AC&C. He came to me on 9-17-05. Stuart was a very special little dog. His eyes were different sizes, and one may have been blind. He had a deformity to his lower jaw, as it appeared that half was missing, and he had no teeth. He had a deformed sternum which protruded outward in the center of his belly. He had an enlarged heart and a heart murmur. His hind legs were very weak making him appear to wobble while he walked. Despite Stuart's physical difficulties he did not appear to be in any pain. He wagged his tail when spoken to and gave a funny little grin.

I didn't know that I would only have a few short days with Stuart. He became very ill and his health quickly declined. It was thought that he had pneumonia, but a chest x-ray did not reveal any fluids in his lungs. Stuart's breathing was labored and he was refusing to eat. He was given oxygen which seemed to help. He was most likely suffering from a blood clot(s) in his lung(s). I brought Stuart home and snuggled him in a soft bed where he rested peacefully for the next day. Unfortunately during the middle of the next night on 9-22-05 Stuart had great difficulty breathing. I brought him to the emergency vet where he was euthanized to end his suffering.

Thanks Stuart for letting me share your life. I'll miss you.

Mr. Whipples

Mr. Whipples

Mr. Whipples was a senior Pomeranian who was picked up as a stray and ended up at the city pound, until we took him home on New Year's Eve 2005. His back legs had atrophied and he could barely walk. His coat was severely matted and his skin was irritated by fleas. He only had a few teeth in his mouth which were rotting. There is no way this little dog ran away. When we reviewed shelter records it appeared as if Mr. Whipples had also been in the shelter last year. We can't understand what kind of a person would abandon this wonderful little dog, who looked just like Winnie the Pooh.

Despite Mr. Whipples terrible ordeal, he remained the sweetest, most gentle and loving little dog. However, his pain, probably from severe arthritis, became more than he could bear.

Unfortunately there are times when we can't compensate for the years of neglect that an animal has had to endure. Sometimes euthanasia is the kindest service we can provide.

Special thanks to Lenora, Mr. Whipples' foster mom, who took wonderful care of him, and made sure that his last breath was taken in loving arms on 1-26-06.

We'll miss you Mr. Whipples. Rest in peace.

Jackson Brown


Jackson Brown was a senior Pekingese mix, who was abandoned in an apartment hallway, and ended up the the Brooklyn AC&C. In February 2005 Jack came to TTR. He was so frightened and upset at losing his caretaker, that he paced endlessly, searching for his owner and his home. Jack was inconsolable and could not be comforted. Euthanasia was considered to end his suffering. However, after being neutered, he slowly began to get used to his new surroundings and routine. Jack was the best dog. He never barked and thoroughly enjoyed lounging in the backyard or snuggling in his little bed. He had a touch of arthritis, but was otherwise happy and peaceful. Jack was briefly offered for adoption, but became very stressed with the process. It was quickly decided that Jack should spend the remainder of his days in retirement with TTR.

Jack had an enlarged heart which began to cause him to have a constant cough. Medication helped to relieve this. However, Jack also began to have seizures. They were very frightening and painful for him. In addition, he began to become more confused and disoriented, and sometimes would just sit and cry. It was very upsetting to see this sweet little boy's physical and mental health begin to deteriorate.

On 3-30-06 Jack was peacefully euthanized. I am so grateful to have had Jack in my life for this past year. He was a pleasure to have in my home, and he will be deeply missed.



Lexie was an adult Pomeranian who came to us in July 2005 from the Brooklyn AC&C. To read more about Lexie, please click here.

In November 2005 Lexie was placed into a wonderful home where she was loved every day until she suddenly became ill. During surgery to remove a tumor it was determined that she was suffering from cancer. On 6-12-06 Lexie passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Thanks Cori for giving our sweet little girl the best home she could have ever hoped for.

To read Cori's tribute to Lexie's passing over the Rainbow Bridge, please click here and here.



Emeril was a senior Miniature Poodle who came to us in February 2006 from a shelter in New Jersey, who had asked for our help. Emeril had been left in a box on their doorstep in deplorable condition. He was cleaned up and sent to TTR for special care.

Emeril remained in a loving foster home for 6 months, where he received the very best care. He had probably suffered a stroke some time in the past and only had limited movement in one of his front legs. However, Emeril never let his disability get him down. He was always happy and cheerful. Unfortunately Emeril began to suffer from seizures of increasing severity. We could no longer allow this sweet little fellow to suffer, and with deep sadness Emeril was peacefully euthanized on 8-4-06.

Special thanks to Diane, Emeril's foster mom, who went beyond the call of duty and took exceptional care of this special dog.

We are grateful to have known you Emeril. Rest in peace.

To read a tribute to Emeril's passing over the Rainbow Bridge, please click here and here.



Sophia was found as a stray, alone in a park in New York City, and picked up by the Manhattan AC&C. She was going to be euthanized until we rescued her on 10-29-05. Sophia was a senior dog, approximately 12 years old, and weighed about 6 pounds. She had eye and ear infections which were treated, but continued to have "dry eye" and needed a little eye cream everyday. She also suffered from paresis to her hind quarters. She had weakness in her hind legs, but could walk in a wobbley fashion on her own, although she couldn't move her tail. Sophia had a large hernia on her side. Our vet believed that Sophia must have suffered an injury a long time ago. As she was not in any pain, we decided not to risk her life with surgery. Sweet little senior Sophia retired with TTR.

During the last few months Sophia's mental state and the strength in her legs began to deteriorate. It was with great saddness that this gentle little spirit was peacefully euthanized on 9-6-06. Sweet dreams Sophia. I'll miss you.



Edna, a senior Chihuahua, came to us in May 2005 as a result of a prior owner who severely neglected her medical needs, and discarded her due to the cost of her care. Edna was a fiesty old gal with a zest for life. She loved meeting new people and held her ground with even the biggest, most menacing dogs who would dare to challenge her.

In August 2005 Edna was adopted by Kate, where she received the love and affection befitting a princess. Edna loved her walks in the woods, but also knew the joy of a good nap. On 9-19-06 Edna passed away peacefully in her sleep as a result of kidney failure.

Special thanks to Kate for giving this special girl the best year of her life. Rest in peace Edna.



Nicholas is a very young Maltese whom I was asked to take from the Manhattan shelter in December 2006. He was picked up as a stray the day prior and was in very poor shape. Sweet Nicholas had been starved and was emaciated, he was blind, he was matted, he had pressure sores, and he couldn't stand or walk. He was also grinding his teeth (which the vet later indicated was the result of a broken jaw that had healed). I cleaned him up, was able to get some high calorie supplement into his mouth, and let him rest in a soft warm bed. He was brought to the vet where he was placed on IV fluids. Unfortunately he did not respond. His veterinarian believed that he was probably suffering from Hydrocephalus, water on the brain. This beautiful little boy was beyond repair. I spent time with him at the vet. I had him wrapped warm and cozy in a blanket, and he seemed comforted and aware of my affection. I adopted Nicholas. He was euthanized and passed away very peacefully, knowing that he was loved and wanted, and had a home of his own.

Sleep in peace Nicholas, until we meet again.



Rocky is a senior Chihuahua who came to us in October 2006 from the Manhattan AC&C after his owner had died. Rocky had severe arthritis; he could stand, but couldn't walk. He also had a chronic cough, most likely from a collapsing trachea or an enlarged heart. He had a voracious appetite, although he needed a little help eating. Rocky spent most of his time resting in a laundry basket which kept him from constantly circling. His eyes were bright and alert, and he enjoyed being able to watch all of the other dogs run around. Rocky retired with TTR. In January 2007 Rocky's health deteriorated very quickly. His coughing became so severe that he could barely breath. He was given a sedative which enabled him to rest comfortably and he was peacefully euthanized.

It was a great gift to have been able to provide hospice care to this gentle fellow, and allow him to spend his remaining time in comfort. Rest in peace Rocky.



Milo was a senior Yorkshire Terrier, approximately 10 pounds, who was picked up as a stray and ended up in the Brooklyn Shelter. He was covered with fleas which irritated his skin so badly, that he lost a lot of his hair. What remained was terribly matted. This poor old fellow was weak and thin, and had severe arthritis, making it difficult for him to walk. Despite his physical discomfort, Milo was the sweetest little dog. His eyes were cloudy and his vision limited, but he looked on any act of kindness with immense gratitude.

In October 2006 we rescued Milo and he went to a foster home where he received enough love to make up for all of the neglect that he was forced to endure. He gradually became stronger and healthier. Milo's hair filled in and became soft and shiny. His walking improved significantly and he was able to get around without problem. He was happy and full of life, and actively sought attention and affection.

On 2-16-07 Milo passed away quite suddenly. Special thanks to Diane and Richard for opening up their hearts and giving this sweet boy a home and family to call his own. In honor of their relationship with Milo, Diane and Richard generously started The Milo Fund.



In the end of February 2007 I rescued George, a senior poodle, after he had been carelessly discarded into the shelter. However, this was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. I promised George that he would never suffer again.

George was emaciated, weighing only about 5 pounds. His teeth were rotting beyond repair. He was severely matted and filthy, but the shelter shaved off most of his hair. I gave George a bath and he was feeling so much better. George was kept as comfortable as possible. He quickly curled up on a warm lap, and was desperate to bond with someone. Unfortunately, the lifetime of neglect took a toll on his little body, from which he could not recover.

George passed away peacefully in his sleep on 3-3-07. It was very sad not to have been able to restore him to some quality of life. However, he spent his remaining time in a loving home and was not alone.

Rest in peace George. Your gentle presence is deeply missed.



It's hard to imagine this sweet little senior girl was picked up as a stray and ended up at the city pound, scheduled to be euthanized. When we rescued Chloe in September 2005 from the Manhattan AC&C she had a skin infection, her teeth were rotting, and her back legs were very weak. With antibiotics her skin healed and she had to have 13 teeth removed to make her mouth healthy. Chloe had difficulty getting around but always tried her best. She became the perfect little lap dog.

In January 2006 Chloe was adopted. Despite becoming blind and deaf, and barely able to walk, she was a loved and valued member of her family. On April 20, 2007 Chloe went to the Rainbow Bridge. Special thanks to Sandra and Steve for giving Chloe such a wonderful home and the very best care.

Rest in peace Chloe, we'll miss your special little spirit.



Hazel was a senior four pound Chihuahua who came to us in May 2007 from a shelter in Newburgh, NY. She was scheduled for euthanasia but when another rescue advised us of her plight, we quickly jumped to her aid. Hazel was blind and had no teeth, but I thought she was just perfect, and she was as sweet as could be. Hazel was placed into retirement care with TTR. In August 2007 Hazel became increasingly confused and malcontent. It appeared as if her old age was catching up with her. It was hoped that she enjoyed going on summer vacation with the family, after which she was peacefully euthanized.

While it is sad to have only had a brief time with Hazel, her life was a gift and I was grateful to have been able to help her pass on.



Herbie "the Love Bug" was a senior Shih Tzu who came to us in February 2007 from the Staten Island AC&C. He was briefly offered for adoption until he was diagnosed with kidney disease. Herbie's back legs were a little stiff from arthritis, but he shuffled along happily around the house. I was happy to have been able to provide this delightful old gent with hospice care.

In August 2007 Herbie's health began to deteriorate and he was frequently unable to walk at all. It was very sad to see Herbie's frustration with his limited mobility. After Herbie went on summer vacation with the family he was euthanized.

It is hoped that Herbie is now running fast and free through the clouds, no longer hindered by the frailty of a failing body.



Oscar "Meyer" is a senior doxi-huahua (our best guess is that he was a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix), who ended up in the Manhattan AC&C when his owner was hospitalized. In January 2005 Oscar came to us as a foster for Waggytail Rescue. However, during his veterinary check-up it was determined that Oscar had a liver tumor, and that his life expectancy was limited, probably three months at best. Oscar was a sweet and loving fellow, although sometimes a bit grouchy, and he remained with TTR for hospice care.

In September 2007 (over two and a half years since I got him) Oscar's liver began to fail. He was euthanized and passed peacefully. Oscar's short legs and stiff body prevented him from moving too quickly, and his shape made it difficult for him to climb stairs. It is hoped that in the next life Oscar will come back with the speed and agility of a Greyhound!

Oscar was unique and his special gift was to teach me patience. He will be missed.



Through my rescue work I have come to learn that gifts from Heaven come at unexpected moments, and can be gone in the blink of an eye, but make a memory that lasts a lifetime. Cassandra was a four pound Maltese mix that was discarded at the Manhattan AC&C in September 2007 because she was ill and could not walk. It was evident that she was a treasure which I gladly scooped up in a minute. Cassandra became my companion 24 hours a day, quietly (and secretly) snoozing under my desk at work, and never more than an arm's reach away during the next 7 days that I was blessed with her company. Despite the best veterinary care, and pending neurolgical evaluation to determine the source of her lameness, her tiny body simply gave out.

I will be forever grateful for the gift of her life. Rest in peace Cassandra.



Sam was a five pound adult Pomeranian who had been attacked by a cat and his eye was badly injured. For an unknown reason he ended up at the shelter. This was unbelievable to me as he was a perfect dog. Unfortunately, due to a lack of information about the cat, the Department of Health would not release Sam. Once the hold was off (October 2007), I quickly snatched up this little treasure.

Sam needed to be neutered and have an extensive dentistry, requiring nine teeth to be extracted. He recovered without problem. His left eye was beyond repair and the eye specialist recommended for it to be removed.

Sam was initially very shy around other dogs, but quickly became a member of the pack. His favorite activity was going for a walk. Although one of the smallest members, Sam enthusiastically did a one mile walk with the pack every night. He loved to lead the way, with his safety blinker glowing on his harness.

Sam was the most peaceful dog I have ever met. He always seemed to be smiling. There was a quiet calmness that always surrounded him, and his gentle nature drew people to him. It was evident to everyone who met him, how special he was. Sam was an absolute delight and I enjoyed every minute of his company.

On 11-14-07 Sam had his eye surgery. He got through the surgery, but his heart stopped during recovery. I rushed to the vet while they were still trying to revive him, and was able to hold him one last time. The sadness for the loss of this wonderful little fellow will stay with me for the remainder of my days. I am grateful for the time we had together, and for the way he touched my life and my heart.

In honor of this special fellow, "Sam's Stairway to Heaven" was created as a lasting remembrance for Sam, and all of the animals that have shared our homes and lives, and have since passed on.

Rest in peace Sam, you will be forever missed.



Theodore was a senior Pekingese who came to us in February 2008 from the Brooklyn AC&C. Theo had a grade 4 heart murmur and an enlarged heart, causing a mild, but chronic cough. He had the softest coat and enjoyed a good scratch under the chin, but was happiest when being left to roam the house in search of a quiet place to sleep. Due to Theo's fragile health he was placed into retirement care with TTR.

On 5-1-08 Theo went into heart failure. I was deeply saddened to have only had this sweet fellow for such a brief time, but grateful for the opportunity to have known him. Rest in peace Theo.



Pucci, formerly known as Suzi Q, was a senior Yorkshire Terrier who came to us in August 2006 as a special request from the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. In October 2006 she was adopted. This sweet little senior had some special needs and she was lovingly cared for until her passing on 7-2-08.

Thanks Jae for giving our girl a wonderful and loving home. Rest in peace Pucci, you will be missed.



Sally was a senior Chihuahua mix who came to us in November 2007 from the Manhattan AC&C. Sally didn't see too well or walk too well, but her disabilities never dampened her spirits. She was the perfect lap dog who loved to be held. Sally was adopted in January 2008.

Special thanks to Barbara and Orlando for giving this gentle and loving girl such wonderful care and for meeting her special needs. Sally was the "queen of the castle" until the very end when her health began to deteriorate, and on 8-25-08 she was peacefully euthanized. Rest in peace Sally, you will be missed.



Bosley was a senior Shih Tzu who came to us in June 2008 from the Manhattan AC&C. He was blind and senile, which resulted in him endlessly pacing the house. Bloodwork revealed that his liver and kidneys were not functioning too well. Despite the vision loss Bosley learned his way around the house and yard, and gradually responded to a routine, including putting him in bed for naps, with which he cooperated providing that he did adequate marching around! Bosley went on summer vacation with the family, but in October 2008 his health began to deteriorate. Despite his effort to eat, Bosley lost weight and it was very sad to see him become such a skinny and frail old man. When Bosley's quality of life began to decline, he was peacefully euthanized in the end of October 2008.

Rest in peace Bosley. It was a joy to have you patrol my home! I hope you are now resting comfortably, good and fat, and able to see the heavens clearly.



Bianca was a senior Pekingese who was scheduled for euthanasia in a city shelter due to aggression. She was rescued in June 2008. Once Bianca was settled into a routine, it was evident that she was not aggressive at all - she must have just been terrified to have been in the shelter. Bianca was missing one eye, and the other was enlarged and was blind. To make matters worse she could not close this eye completely, causing it to dry out. She required lubricating eye drops several times a day. Bianca's teeth were in bad shape, she had two hernias, multiple mammary tumors, a bad ear infection, and severe dermatitis. Despite daily cleaning and medicating, her ear never improved. After further testing it was determined that she had a very large tumor. Treatment would require removal of the entire ear canal. Such an invasive procedure just did not seem to be the proper course of action for this old girl. A different medication was used which fortunately kept her ear dry and only needed to be applied once a week. Bianca's skin, particularly the bottom of her feet were raw and inflamed from the dermatitis. She responded well to medication - her feet healed and her hair grew back. Bianca had the most luxurious coat. It was a joy to hold her and she loved the special attention. Bianca was kept as comfortable as possible. Sleeping and eating were her favorite activities!

On 11-14-08 Bianca began to have multiple seizures. I brought her to the emergency vet, and she suffered two more en route. It was awful. However, after the last one she never woke up. I was grateful to have been with her in the end as she went into a peaceful sleep. Rest in peace Bianca. I was so glad to have had you share my home.



Abigail, or Abbey as her friends called her, was a senior Chihuahua who came to us in September 2007 from a NYC shelter. She must have had a back injury during her life because she only had limited mobility with her back legs. However, she wasn't in any pain and could get around just fine. Abbey also had multiple mammary tumors which we had removed. Despite her age she made a speedy recovery. In October 2007 Abbey was adopted. She had several health scares while in her new home, but her mom always made sure that she received the very best veterinary care. Abbey was the most cheerful old girl who was just happy to be with her special person.

Unfortunately in December 2008 Abbey passed away peacefully after a final health issue which would have been too invasive and painful to treat. I am so grateful to Alyssa for providing Abbey with such a loving home and the most excellent quality of life any dog could hope for. Rest in peace Abbey. The world is a better place because of you.



Brodie, formerly known as Buddy, was a senior Yorkshire Terrier who came to us in August 2006 as a special request from the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. Brodie was adopted in October 2006. He was one of the most agreeable and content little dogs I have ever met. He was just happy to be with his special person, whether just spending time at home, or going out. He particulary liked the train trip from Long Island City to Mount Kisco to visit his grandparents.

Brodie was generally healthy but his age recently began to catch up with him. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and a brain tumor. Medication was initially helping, but his health issues were taking a toll on this sweet old guy's body. He passed away on 12-16-08. Rest in peace Brodie. Special thanks to Amy for giving Brodie such a terrific two years. I know he enjoyed every minute with you.



Louie was an adult Pekingese, approximately 5 years old, that we rescued from the Brooklyn AC&C in August 2006. He was a perfect treasure! He looked and felt just like a teddy bear. He was quiet, crate trained, and very friendly with people and dogs. He was not a big walker unless you happened to be going in the same direction that he was, but he LOVED being held and carried around.

In September 2006 Louie was adopted. He loved living in Queens with his new mom, especially as the dog park was just down the street from their apartment. Unfortunately on 4-8-09 Louie passed away due to heart failure.

Special thanks to Adah for taking such wonderful care of Louie, especially providing all of the medicated baths that he needed for his skin condtion, and for making sure that he received proper veterinary care and all his medication for his heart condition. He was lucky to have you. I am so sorry your time together was so brief. It never feels like we have enough time with the great ones. Rest in peace Louie, you were loved when you were here, and greatly missed now that you are gone, but will never be forgotten.



Bridgette was a senior Pekingese who was rescued from the Brooklyn shelter in April 2008. She was a large girl who was overweight and not in the best of shape. The best she could do was walk a half a block from the house, and then try to run back to the house where she knew a good meal was waiting! She always seemed pleased with herself for her accomplishment.

When Bridgette came to us it appeared as if she had a huge abdominal tumor. During her surgery it was determined that she actually had a hernia which was repaired. She also had her teeth cleaned which were in very poor shape. Her jaw was so brittle that it broke during her dentistry. Her lower jaw was wired, and although it took several months, it eventually healed. Bridgette was the best patient.

Due to the special care that Bridgette required, she was placed into retirement care with TTR. During the winter her hips began to deteriorate making it increasingly difficult for her to walk. It was very sad to see Bridgette struggle to hold herself up to eat and to go to the bathroom, and not to be able to get herself into a comfortable position in her bed. Steroids were tried to alleviate her discomfort and help improve her mobility, but were to no avail. On 4-21-09 Bridgette passed peacefully and with the dignity that she deserved.

I will always be grateful to Bridgette for teaching me patience and perseverance. I always find that when I am challenged by a dog, it is because there is an important character building lesson for me to learn. My time is limited with some of these special dogs, so I always try to be vigilant in listening to what they have to teach. It is also important for me to honor their lives and our time together, by recognizing their strengths. I have been graced to have shared in the lives of some amazing dogs, whose gifts continually remind me of the person that I strive to be.

Sleep peacefully Bridgette.



Teeny tiny four pound Daisy was rescued from the Brooklyn shelter in October 2006. Her vision was severely impaired, but as long as she was kept warm and snuggled, she was as happy as could be. In December 2006 Daisy was adopted by her foster mom. This little girl got tons of attention in her new family, which included two other Chihuahua's. Daisy's health began to fail and on 4-27-09 she passed peacefully in loving arms.

Special thanks to Paula for taking such attentive care of Daisy, and for making sure that she was loved and comfortable for every minute of their time together. Rest in peace Daisy. You may have been the smallest dog in town, but you left a big hole in a lot of hearts.

Stanley Steamer


Stanley was a senior Chihuahua who came to us in September 2008 from the Manhattan AC&C. He was blind due to mature cataracts and had a significant heart murmur. His teeth had a lot of tartar, but due to his heart murmur it was too dangerous to put him under anesthesia to do his dentistry. Stanley's blood work revealed a low thyroid level which could be easily managed with medication. However, Stanley's main problem was that he was senile. He did not want to be touched and became visibly agitated when any attempt was made to give him affection. He was perfectly content to spend his days snoozing in his bed or strolling around the yard when the weather was nice. Stanley spent most of his time in an x-pen where he was excellent using his potty pads. He was initially offered for adoption, but it was decided that he should retire with TTR.

Stanley eventually began to deteriorate and in May 2009 it was felt that it would be best to let him pass peacefully. Rest in peace Stanley. I enjoyed your quiet company.



Fred was a senior Miniature Poodle who came to us in February 2006 from the Brooklyn AC&C. To read more about Fred, please click here.

When Fred was well enough to be moved he was placed into a foster home in NYC where he thrived. The energy of the City, and the attentive care provided by his foster parents, gave this special fellow a new outlook on life. Less than a month after his placement his foster parents couldn't bear the thought of him leaving, and promptly adopted him. Fred was now a permanent member of the family and he couldn't be happier. He was included in activities and trips, and valued for the wonderful dog that he was.

On 7-22-09 Fred passed away. While Fred's neglect was one of the more severe cases we have seen, the last few years of his life went beyond the expectations that either he or I could have imagined. Thank you to Felicia and JT for giving our boy the best life could offer. Rest in peace Fred.

Emma Rose

Emma RoseEmma Rose

Emma Rose was a senior Pekingese who was rescued from euthanasia from the Brooklyn shelter in October 2008. She had large bald patches and became extremely sick with kennel cough. She refused to eat and was emaciated. She was syringe fed several times a day to help her keep up her strength. After a few weeks she recovered and started to put weight on. Then she suffered with vertigo which made her stomach sick and again she wouldn't eat. I went back to the syringe feeding, and she finally recovered. She steadily began to gain weight and amazingly her hair grew in, silky and beautiful. She no longer resembled the pitiful little waif of a dog that was scheduled for euthanasia.

Due to Emma's fragile health it was decided that she should retire with TTR, and she became a permanent member of the family. She continued to eat well, although most of the time she insisted on being hand fed. She was so sweet to hold that I was happy to indulge her and enjoyed watching her daintily chomp each little morsel of food.

Emma went on summer vacation with the family in July 2009 and was healthy and happy. However, a few weeks after our return, on the evening of 8-4-09, she suddenly went into heart failure. I am so grateful for being given the opportunity to have been able to restore Emma to some quality of life, and to have been with her in the end. Rest in peace Emma.



Kelsey was a four pound senior Maltese that came to us in May 2007 from the Manhattan shelter. He was found by the police wandering on the parkway in New York City. Kelsey had a large open, oozing abscess on his neck, had significant hair loss, rotting teeth, was very thin, and blind. Kelsey was rushed to the vet where he received all of the necessary care and medications to help make him as healthy and comfortable as possible. Kelsey was just the sweetest little fellow despite the severe neglect and suffering that he had to endure.

At the end of the same month Kelsey was adopted. Special thanks to Lisa for pampering and spoiling this special little fellow until his passing in November 2009. Rest in peace Kelsey.

Holly Berry


Holly Berry was a senior Chihuahua, weighing three pounds. She came to us in December 2006 as a stray from the Staten Island AC&C. She had cataracts and couldn't see, but didn't seem troubled by this. Her lower jaw had deteriorated from dental disease, leaving her with no teeth. She had difficulty eating on her own, but gladly accepted being spoon fed twice a day. Holly was the most delicate little lady and I decided that it would be best for her to retire with TTR. I was happy to have her as a permanent resident for as long as I was blessed to have her company.

In December 2009 Holly passed on peacefully. Rest in peace my little Holly Berry.



This loveable little four pound old lady was a stray who ended up in the Manhattan shelter in May 2006. Rosie was the sweetest little girl. She loved everyone and just wanted to spend the remainder of her life being held and snuggled.

Rosie was quickly adopted by her foster family where she was loved every minute. In December 2009 Rosie passed on. Special thanks to Paula and her family for giving Rosie the very best of everything. Rest in peace Rosie.



Rest in peace Boone. I hope in your next life you find the comfort and joy that you deserve.



My friend Ruth rescued a most deserving Harry from the Brooklyn shelter in November 2005. It took one year to find the perfect home, but it was well worth the wait. In November 2006 Harry hit the jackpot. Special thanks to Kim and Bob for giving Harry the very best care until his passing on 1-4-10. Rest in peace Harry.

"Screaming" Mimi


In September 2006 I was on my way to the Manhattan shelter to pick up a dog when I received a call. This tiny screaming four pound Chihuahua was just surrendered, and I was asked to take her. Of course!! Mimi was in the top crate in a coffee box so that her feet wouldn't get stuck in the grate on the bottom of her crate. I briefly offered her for adoption but quickly decided that I couldn't part with her. She was the sweetest little Chihuahua you would ever meet. She loved to meet new people and despite her diminutive stature, befriended dogs of any size. She quickly made herself at home and was usually found snuggling in her baby blanket on the sofa.

Mimi was spayed and had a cancerous mammary tumor removed. She was stitched from top to bottom, but this old girl recovered without problem or complaint. In 2007 bloodwork revealed high liver enzymes. She had a sonogram which indicated that she was doing ok. In 2009 she started to have a cataract, but still had vision. She also had another mammary tumor, but it was not cancerous. In November 2009 Mimi went into heart failure. She had an echo done, and was placed on three medications. She responded really well, but began to have problems again with her liver. She was given an antioxidant which helped. Mimi was eating well and taking her meds without problem. Then on Easter Sunday she stopped eating and became sluggish. She passed away on Monday evening, 4-5-10. I was so grateful that her passing was quick and peaceful, that she was not in any pain, and that I was with her in the end. She was sitting with me on the sofa in her favorite spot, and just went to sleep.

It was a great day when I met Mimi. I enjoyed every minute of the three and a half years that I was graced with her presence. I only wished that she lived forever, but she will be remembered for as long. Rest in peace Mimi.



Martin, a senior Maltese, came to us in August 2007 from the Manhattan shelter, where he had been abandoned in the lobby. He was filthy, matted, had ear and eye infections, and his teeth had heavy tartar. Martin had been severely neglected, but was the most loving, trusting, sweet little fellow. Once Martin was in our care he began to flourish. He was neutered, had his teeth cleaned, received all necessary medications, and his hair grew in beautifully. He became such a handsome senior gentleman. His only remaining ailment was that he suffered from severe dry eye and needed eye drops multiple times a day to keep him comfortable. He was grateful for the eye lubricant and was always cooperative in getting his drops.

In December 2007 Martin went to his new home. A very special thanks to Stephanie and Barry for their attentive care to this special needs senior citizen. Martin spent the remainder of his days in a loving home, and passed quietly in his sleep in April 2010. Rest in peace Martin.

Mr. Grant

Mr. GrantMr. Grant

Mr. Grant, formerly known as Jerry, an adult Chihuahua, came to us in September 2006 from the Manhattan shelter. He had been found lying by the side of the road, unable to move. Once in our care Jerry was rushed to the vet, where x-rays revealed that he had a severely fractured pelvis. Fortunately he did not need surgery, but his doctor directed that he have 6 to 8 weeks of crate rest and confinement. He was only allowed to go out to go to the bathroom. Jerry was unable to hold himself up, but gladly accepted help being steadied so that he could go outside. Despite his horrible injury and terrible pain, Jerry remained the sweetest, most loving fellow.

Jerry responded very well to all of the TLC that he received during his difficult recovery, and in December 2006 he was adopted into a loving home. In May 2010 Mr. Grant passed on peacefully. Special thanks to Kim and Russ for giving Mr. Grant such a wonderful life. Rest in peace Jerry.

Winston James


Winston, previously known as Widget, was a senior Yorkie mix that was rescued by my friend Ruth in June 2005 from the Brooklyn shelter. He just had the sweetest face that she could not leave him behind, even though she didn't have room for even one more. In August 2005 he went to live with his new mom, Kay, and brother Roos, in Connecticut. Winston quickly settled in and became a wonderful addition to the family. In February 2006 Winston and Roos made the cover of Westchester Magazine, but they never let their celebrity status go to their heads! Another pup joined the family at a later date.

In the beginning of June 2010 Kay advised of Winston's declining health, and that he was nearly blind and deaf for the past year. However, she made every effort possible to keep him comfortable and give him the best quality of life a senior fellow could hope for.

Kay gave me permission to share her heartfelt memorial to Winston after he passed peacefully on 6-14-10:

"Winston James, my much beloved companion of almost five years - brother to T. Roosevelt and uncle to Truman Bonaparte - was reunited with his Creator today after a lengthy illness. In characteristic fashion, he was uncomplaining and loving through the very end."

"...Winston came to live with me at a particularly difficult time in my life...During those early months after my diagnosis and surgery, Winston would stand next to my chair every evening staring at me with his huge brown eyes, asking me to hold him in my lap. He would snuggle into my arms like a baby and gently snore for hours. I think it did us both a world of good!"

"I will never forget his uncomplaining spirit, the slow metronome wagging of his stump of a tail, his ceaseless (and sometimes annoying) kisses on any exposed body part, his gravelly "George Burns" bark, and especially his intelligent and beautiful brown eyes."

"Winston, I am missing your bright spirit already, but as I have whispered to you many times over the past months, I am confident that we will see each other again in a place where there are no "masters" or "owners" and no "pets" - a place in which all of creation will rejoice together. Thank you for the joy you brought me. I know you knew that you were loved."

Special thanks to Kay for giving Winston the perfect adoptive home. Without people like you, and all of the others that have adopted my tiny treasures, my rescue work would not be possible. Rest in peace Winston, you will be missed and never forgotten.



Zoe, formerly known as Trixie Anne, was rescued from the Manhattan shelter in June 2006. This tiny Chihuahua was terrified when she came into care, but with patience and gentle attention, she blossomed into the sweetest little girl. In July 2006 she was adopted into a quiet and loving home, which was just perfect for her. She remained a treasured companion until her passing in 7/2010.

Special thanks to Annette for giving Zoe such a wonderful home, and for providing her with the very best care when her health began to decline. Rest in peace Zoe, you will be missed.



Felix, a senior Chihuahua, was rescued from the Manhattan shelter in January 2005. He was a terrific little guy whose favorite activity was snuggling, snoozing, and staying warm. In May 2005 he was adopted into a wonderful family with three children. Felix started to suffer from seizures as he aged, but he always received the very best care, until he was helped to pass peacefully on 11-11-10.

Special thanks to Paula, Scott, Brett, Brittany and Corey, for making Felix such an important part of the family. I know he had the greatest time with all of you. Rest in peace Felix, you will be missed.



Ben, a Rat Terrier, came to us in December 2005 from another rescue who had taken him from the shelter in Brooklyn. Ben had a few issues that they did't want to deal with and he was going to be discarded again. I gladly scooped up this little treasure! Ben was definitely a character, whose behavior was most likely the result of being harshly treated during his life. Shortly after taking Ben in, I suffered a serious back injury. Ben was my constant companion and spent every minute of my recovery with me.

In April 2006 Ben met Carla and Robert. They were advised that Ben wasn't great with men, but he seemed to take to Robert right away. It was evident that Ben had chosen his new family. He went for a trial placement and was adopted in the same month. He was given a new name, "Moose," which suited him well! Moose spent the next few years traveling with his family and being pampered. Unfortunately Moose became ill and in November 2010 he passed away.

Special thanks to Carla and Robert for giving Moose such a wonderful life, which more than made up for his earlier years. Also, special thanks for their donation of all of Moose's comfy beds, wonderful wardrobe of many winter coats, and left over food, all of which will be put to good use by the rescues here. Rest in peace Moose. You were a good dog.



Alice was a senior Pomeranian who came to us in August 2007 from the Staten Island shelter, where she was brought in as a euthanasia request. Alice was a beautiful dog who was extremely well-behaved. It was definitely not her time. Blood work revealed a low thyroid level which required inexpensive medication twice daily. Alice was otherwise in great health. The perfect home was never found for Alice. As she was such a delightful member of the TTR pack, after a year it was decided that she should be placed into retirement care with me. However, her story does not end here. Alice developed a relationship with my senior neighbor, Matti. She soon went to live across the street with her. It was a perfect match! Alice would come to stay with me when Matti went away. Alice loved all of the special attention that she received from Matti. In February 2011 Alice's health starting failing and she peacefully passed away.



Jewel was a Miniature Poodle who was rescued from the Brooklyn shelter in April 2005 by my friend Ruth. She was approximately 7 months old at the time, and had been born without any eyes. Jewel was fearless when it came to learning new things and exploring the world. She taught me that a disability should never limit your ability to live a full life!

In addition to being blind, Jewel developed a number of very uncomfortable health issues over the years. She endured several difficult surgeries in an attempt to improve the quality of her life. However, her mental health began to deteriorate. Additional medications were tried to help her, which provided some relief, but eventually lost their effectiveness. In March 2011 Jewel was peacefully euthanized to release her from her suffering.

Rest in peace Jewel, you deserve it. I will always be grateful for everything that you taught me.



Charlotte was a senior Miniature Pinscher that came from the Brooklyn shelter in September 2007. Charlotte was a happy, happy dog and a joy to be around. In April 2008 she was adopted by Lora. I am so grateful to Lora for pampering this wonderful old girl, and preparing special meals for Charlotte, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Charlotte passed away peacefully in December 2009.



Barrett was a senior Pug that I adopted from the Yonkers Animal Shelter in September 2009. He was the most agreeable dog, and he loved to meet everyone. He was a great explorer, but equally enjoyed a good snooze. Although his favorite activity was eating, and he was always the first to remind me everyday of "snack time." Barrett was my first Pug, but definitely won't be the last. He snorted, sneezed, snored, and slobbered, and guaranteed a good laugh everyday. Barrett was a great introduction to the world of Pugs. In April 2011 Barrett went into heart failure. My time with him was too short, but I enjoyed every minute we had together. He is greatly missed. Rest in peace Barrett.



Kona, previously known as Vikki, was an adult Beagle mix that was surrendered to TTR in September 2009 because her owner was terminally ill. In March 2010 Kona was adopted into a wonderful home in NYC. Kona had settled in and was enjoying her new life, until she suddenly became ill and passed away in August 2011. Special thanks to Noah and Becky for giving Kona such a loving home, and for the gentle and attentive care they provided to her in the end. I know she appreciated everything they did for her, especially knowing when it was time to say goodbye. Due to Becky and Noah's experience with Kona, I know they will rescue another dog when they are ready. This will be a wonderful tribute to Kona's memory. Rest in peace Kona, you will be missed, and you will be remembered.



Bambi was a tiny, young Chihuahua when she was rescued from the Brooklyn shelter in July 2005. She was a feisty little three pounds, who became a total love once she got to know you. Bambi was adopted in August 2005 to the perfect home, where she received all of the attention and socialization that she needed to make her feel safe and secure, and have a wonderful life. Unfortunately after six years Bambi became very ill, and despite the best care, she passed away in October 2011.

Special thanks to Dina and Al, and Bambi's baby brother Nicholas, for giving her the very best home and family she could hope for. Rest in peace Bambi, you will be loved forever.


10-9-1997 to 11-16-2011


I remember meeting Daisy for the first time at Franklin Hill Labrador Retrievers in Pennsylvania. She was approximately 6 weeks old - a chubby ball of soft sweetness. She was too young to take home, but my mother and I knew immediately that she was our girl. I made the 5 hour journey to PA again when she was ready to leave her mother and start her new life in New York. Daisy proved to be a wonderful example of her breed. Not only was she physically striking, but her temperament was gentle and friendly to all.

When Daisy was younger we enjoyed hiking in Bear Mountain, where she loved running free in the woods. She also enjoyed summers in Cape May, NJ, and swimming in the ocean. Daisy was always up for a walk, and loved exploring new places. When I started doing small dog rescue Daisy was extremely tolerant of all of the dogs coming in the house, many of whom crawled into bed with her.

Unfortunately, with age, frequently comes arthritis. Daisy was given several different types of pain medication to help her to be more comfortable, but she became increasingly stiff. When she started suffering from some other health issues we decided it was time to let her go. I am grateful that she had a peaceful end, with both my mother and I by her side.

Rest in peace Daisy. You were a great dog, and a great companion. I was lucky to have shared 14 years with you.

Gracie Lu

Gracie Lu

Gracie Lu was rescued from the Manhattan Shelter in November 2005. She was an adorable tiny Chihuahua with a big dog bravado. It was very hard to part with this little girl, but in December 2005 she went to live with prior rescue Mickey. Velkys and Ernie gave both rescues the very best life.

Gracie passed away in September 2012. She will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Gracie Lu.



Edward was an adult Bichon Frise that came to us in April 2006 from the Brooklyn shelter. He was very dirty and limping badly. He had very serious bruising to his groin area, but despite his pain he remained very sweet when examined by the vet. When Edward was groomed the most handsome boy was revealed. He had a luxuriously soft and bright white coat. After a lot of TLC his injury was healed. Edward was a big boy, with an equally large personality. He lit up any room that he was in, and gravitated towards any hand wanting to pet him. We could not explain why it took a year to find him the perfect home. He was a terrific dog, but right family just did not present itself. However, it was well worth the wait. Exactly one year later Edward was adopted to a couple who appreciated his exuberance for life.

Special thanks to Kathy and Ray for giving Edward the most wonderful home, and such attentive care during his senior years. In December 2012 Edward passed away peacefully. Rest in Peace Edward. You will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure to know you.



George was a Toy Poodle that came to us from the Elmsford Animal Shelter in March 2008. He was suffering from an inoperable heart condition and I agreed to take him home for hospice care. George needed to take four medications twice a day to keep his heart functioning. It was believed that George had very little time left, so he was pampered and allowed to do his favorite thing - EAT! George became a little pudgy, but he was happy, and that was all that mattered. However, once George settled in and was living the good life, he had no plans to depart. George lived for FIVE more years. It is ironic that he did not go into heart failure, but actually had to be euthanized in September 2013 as he was suffering from Lymphoma. He had stopped eating and his back legs no longer worked.

George was a really funny little dog, and I am lucky to have had his companionship for so long. I am grateful to have been with him in the end and to have helped him have a peaceful passing.

Clara Jane


Clara was an adult Japanese Chin who came from our September 2010 puppy mill rescue. To read more about her, click here. She was a retired breeding dog whose sole purpose in life was to endlessly produce puppies that were sold in pet stores. Clara was offered for adoption, but settled into my home so well, that I couldn't part with her. She was the sweetest and most gentle dog you could meet. Clara eventually went deaf, but wasn't bothered by this at all. She had some anxiety when away from the house, but liked her routine. She was most happy just being able to stay home and wander around her own yard. Clara's favorite place was snuggling in her bed.

In October 2013 Clara was diagnosed with a cancerous mammary tumor. She was scheduled for surgery when she suffered with vestibulitis. She was already having some arthritis pain but this new condition was too much for her. I tried a lot of pain medication in a desperate attempt to make her comfortable. The vestibulitis was supposed to pass, and I just wanted her to get through it. However, none of the meds helped her, and she was suffering terribly. It was devastating not to be able to comfort her. On 11-3-13 I made the difficult decision to euthanize her.

I am deeply saddened not to have had more time with this wonderful girl. I am grateful to have been with her in the end, and to at least help her to pass peacefully. Rest in peace Clara. You will always be missed.



Daphne was an adult Pekingese who came from the Manhattan shelter in September 2008. She was adopted shortly after. Her family was residing in a quiet suburb at the time, which was perfect for Daphne. However, they relocated to New York City, which was too overwhelming for her. I would have never adopted her to a home in NYC in the first place. In October 2011 Daphne was returned. She was now an older girl, and was returned to me quite obese. I felt that it would be too stressful for her to be rehomed again. While Daphne could be reactive to dogs out in the street, she was a fantastic member of the pack.

On Easter, 4-20-14, Daphne suffered a minor seizure. However, her health began to decline. On 4-22-14 she was peacefully euthanized. I am grateful to have had these last few years with her. Rest in peace Daphne.



Delilah was an adult Japanese Chin who was rescued in our March 2010 Puppy Mill rescue with her sister, Darla. The two girls were inseparable and absolutely adorable. To read more about them, click here. The girls were of course adopted together as they could not be separated, into a home with previous adoptee Chyna, aka Meghan. Chelsea was later adopted. These four girls couldn't have been happier in their lovely home, also shared companionably with four cats.

Delilah had been having some health issues which were being addressed. However, when medication could no longer provide her with relief she was euthanized on 5-8-14. Thanks so much to Clara and May for providing the best home for our girl. Rest in peace Delilah, you will be missed.



Ashley, formerly known as Honey, was an adult Yorkshire Terrier who came from the SPCA of Westchester in April 2007. She went to a foster home for temporary care. However, her foster mom and dad couldn't imagine parting with this sweet, gentle, and special little girl. She was adopted in May 2007.

Ashley had a wonderful life with her family, which included two other small dogs. On 5-18-14 she passed away peacefully in her sleep. Thanks to Diane and Richard for loving Ashley for the past 7 years, the best of her life. Rest in peace Ashley, we will miss you.



Dobby was rescued in October 2010 with her sister, Sarah, from the Staten Island Shelter. The two dogs were inseparable, and had some special needs, so I decided that it would be best for them to remain in my pack. Dobby was the sweetest little boy, all four pounds of him. He had no bottom jaw, and needed his food specially prepared, but he was a great eater. He was named after the house elf in Harry Potter.

We never knew how old Dobby was, but he was definitely a senior fellow. On 7-8-14 his health rapidly deteriorated and he was peacefully put to sleep. I will always miss him curled up in his baby blanket snoozing next to Lillybelle and me on the sofa. Rest in peace Dobby, you were a tiny joy.



Darla was an adult Japanese Chin who was rescued in our March 2010 Puppy Mill rescue with her sister, Delilah. The two girls were inseparable and absolutely adorable. To read more about them, click here. The girls were of course adopted together as they could not be separated, into a home with previous adoptee Chyna, aka Meghan. Chelsea was later adopted. These four girls couldn't have been happier in their lovely home, also shared companionably with four cats.

Darla was suffering with congestive heart failure. She passed away on 7-17-14, just two months after her sister. We all knew that the girls wouldn't allow themselves to be apart for long. Thanks so much to Clara and May for providing the best home for our girl. Rest in peace Darla, you will be missed.

Mia Sarah


Mia Sarah was an adorable adult four pound Chihuahua who came from the SPCA of Westchester in March 2007. She was the sweetest, most loving, and gentle little soul. She was adopted less than a week later, and joined the household with recently adopted puppy Noel, renamed Audrey. Both girls joined Spunky to make a great pack.

Mia was happiest snuggling in a warm lap, but also delighted residents with her visits to a nursing home. After seven years in a wonderful home, Mia became sick and passed away on 12-25-14. Special thanks to Susan and Joel for taking such great care of this lovely girl. Rest in peace Mia, you will be missed.


11-6-00 to 5-25-15


It was a great day when I met Leo the Lionheart. He was about three months old when I brought him home. He was a three pound ball of fluff. When I introduced him to my grandmother, she thought he was a kitten. Leo's first order of business in his new home was to pack all of his toys into his crate, completely filling it. Because he could no longer fit in his crate, he found sleeping with his big sister, Daisy, a Labrador Retriever, much to his liking. Leo had a huge coat, which I did my best to keep well groomed. He had a strut of self-confidence and such an outgoing personality, that he was called "The Mayor," by a close friend.

As Leo aged he developed heart problems, seizures, and a cancerous tumor on his pancreas. He was on tons of meds which enabled him to have a good quality of life. Despite all of his ailments, he maintained his perky attitude even during his last few months when his appetite decreased and he started losing weight. He became a skinny and frail old man, but never lost his sweetness or his zest for life.

On 5-25-15, at 14 1/2 years old, Leo went into a seizure that wouldn't stop. He was uncomfortable and couldn't stand. He was peacefully put to sleep with his little sister, Lillybelle, right by his side. Rest in peace Leo, I will always be grateful that you were my wonderful companion for so many years.



Jake was rescued from the Manhattan AC&C on 10-20-08. He had a severe eye injury, and his right eye was red and swollen. He went to an eye specialist, and with meds, Jake's eye healed. However, he was blind in both eyes. He was the sweetest, and bravest boy. In June 2009 he was adopted into a wonderful home where he received the very best care, and tons of attention. On 7-25-15 Jake passed away.

Special thanks to Marge for giving Jake such a terrific life. Rest in peace Jake. You will be missed.


1-2-02 to 8-17-15


Lillybelle came into my life when she was 10 months old. She was a nervous little thing, which was quickly remedied as I took her with me everywhere possible. As she matured she grew an amazing coat and received attention by the many people we encountered. Lillybelle was also a very well traveled little girl as she came with me to Maine, Cape Cod, New York City, and to Cape May, NJ many, many times.

Lillybelle was healthy her whole life, except for a mild heart murmur. She passed away peacefully in her sleep on 8-17-15, at 13 1/2 years old. I still feel her loss as it doesn't feel right to go shopping without her. Rest in peace Lillybelle, you were an amazing gift in my life and will be missed everyday.



I adopted Phoebe on 9-24-11 from the Friends of Homeless Animals and IL-MO Pug Rescue. She was a 7 year old Pug that spent her life in a puppy mill breeding endless puppies until she was rescued. Phoebe was the most loving and affectionate girl, and I was so delighted to have her.

Phoebe was an absolute delight for every minute that I had her. Unfortunately she went into liver failure and passed away on 9-19-15. Rest in peace Phoebe, you will be missed.



Chyna, formerly known as Meghan, was rescued on 4-30-10 from the START II shelter in Englewood, NJ. She was an extremely sweet and snuggly little girl. I became very attached to Meghan and wanted to keep her, until I met May and Clara. They adopted her on 8-7-10, and later added Darla, Delilah, and Chelsea, to make the perfect pack.

Chyna was treated like a queen, and had the very best life. Special thanks to May and Clara for treasuring this lovely little girl. Unfortunately Chyna's health began to fail and she passed away on 10-8-15. Rest in peace Chyna, you will be missed, and never forgotten.



Hannah came to us on 3-29-11 from the Best Friends Animal Society's "Pup My Ride" puppy mill rescue. She was about 10 years old and spent her life being a breeder dog in a mill. She had an absolutely awful life, and was one of the lucky ones to be released into rescue. She was a delight from the moment we received her. Once she had a haircut and bath, she was beautiful and ready to start her new life.

On 4-9-11 she went to live with Ann in Stamford, Ct., and was immediately adopted. Special thanks to Ann for giving this sweet little angel so much love and affection that it made up for Hannah's poor start in life. In January 2016 Hannah passed away. I will be forever grateful for knowing both Hannah and Ann. Rest in peace Hannah. We will miss you.



Chelsea was rescued by the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals and was generously treated through the Picaso Fund at the Murray Hill Pet Hospital in NYC. On 4-22-11 she was transferred to TTR. Chelsea was complete sweetness and her coat felt like velvet. She was absolutely adorable and adored by everyone who met her. On 5-22-11 she was adopted by May and Clara, and joined their pack of previous adoptees, Chyna, Darla and Delilah.

On 1-29-16 Chelsea unexpectedly passed away in her sleep. Special thanks to May, Clara, and their family for providing Chelsea with such a wonderful life. We will miss her dearly. Rest in peace Chelsea.

Cindy Lou


On 1-27-06 little Miss Cindy Lou was rescued from the Manhattan Shelter. On 2-18-06 she was adopted by Nita. She loved living in Connecticut, but spent her last 3 1/2 years in Florida. Nita said that Cindy loved to sit in the sun and was so at peace when she was on her BUG (blow up gator) in the pool. Nita also shared that Cindy was a great traveler. She stayed in the Boston Westin and vacationed on the beach. She rode through the Blue Ridge mountains and flew in planes.

On 11-22-15 Cindy passed away. I am so grateful that Cindy had such a wonderful and full life, and was loved very much. Rest in peace Cindy Lou, we will miss you.



On 12-22-05 my friend rescued Duncan from the Brooklyn shelter. He was reportedly aggressive, but she didn't think so. He was delivered to me in a box. I had a moment of trepidation opening it, but quickly found this adorable boy. He was absolutely terrified. After a bath, some food, and a soft bed, he was a new dog. He couldn't have been sweeter or easier to care for.

In July 2006 Joyce and Carl welcomed Duncan into their home. He couldn't have found a better family! Joyce and Carl eventually retired and relocated. Duncan of course went with them. After ten years Duncan's health began to deteriorate and on 8-1-16 he passed away. I will always be grateful for the wonderful life that he shared with Joyce and Carl. Rest in peace Duncan. Your sweet smiling face will be missed.



On 11-6-09 Gordon was rescued from the Animal Medical Center, where had been brought after being hit by a car. To read his whole story, click here.

On 3-27-10 Gordon was adopted by Barbara and Dave, and went to live with them in Long Island with their two resident Pugs, Una Bella and Brodie. Gordon was immediately accepted into the pack. He lived a wonderful and full life with his new family. Gordon developed a number of health issues over the years, but he always received the best care. Barbara even got an amazing tattoo of Gordon on her arm. In 4/2017 Gordon passed on. He was a terrific dog with a wonderful spirit who touched all those he met. I am so grateful to have shared in his life. Rest in peace Gordon, you were well loved and will be missed.



Chester was an adult Chihuahua mix when we received him in November 2006. It was believed that he was about 5 years old. He was hit by a car and was in terrible pain when he was brought to the Brooklyn shelter. Once he was taken into rescue we had x-rays taken which showed that he had a fractured pelvis. No surgery was recommended, but he was on crate rest and confinement for about 8 weeks. Pain meds helped him to be comfortable while he was healing. He was the perfect patient.

During Chester's recovery it became evident that he was a sweet and special little dog. He even had a heart shaped hair pattern on his back. In January 2007 he was adopted by Christine, and became the perfect playmate for her dog, Mario. After Mario passed away, Christine adopted a Puggle and a cat. For the next 10 years Christine gave Chester the most loving home where he was adored until his passing in September 2017. I will always be grateful to Christine for giving Chester such a wonderful life.

Rest in peace Chester, you are missed.



Sarah was rescued in October 2010 with her brother, Dobby, from the Staten Island Shelter. The two dogs were inseparable, and had some special needs, so I decided that it would be best for them to remain in my pack. Sarah was a nervous little thing with a huge hernia on her belly. I had that taken care of and she was good as new. However, I think that she never received much attention in her former home because she was very frightened of being held, and of anyone new that came into the house. She was fine with all of the other dogs, and even with Ray, the cat, who came along later.

Sarah definitely beat to her own drum, but we worked hard to keep her happy and comfortable. We never knew how old she was when I got her, but we had her for almost 9 years, so I think it is safe to assume that she had quite a long life. Her kidney's started failing, she lost a lot of weight, and had no teeth. I tried a large assortment of food combinations to get her to eat, and generally mixtures of small cat food and baby food seemed to work best. She made quite a mess when she ate but I could always tell when she enjoyed her meal. When confusion set in and she no longer seemed to know where she was, I knew it was time to let her go. I did the best for her that I could, but with all of the animals I have cared for, I always hope that it was enough. Rest in peace Sarah. I truly hope I made your life better.



Sampson was a Japanese Chin that came from our March 2011 puppy mill rescue. To read more about him, click here. Sampson was offered for adoption, but settled into my home so well, that I couldn't part with him. He was a very silly guy who kept me laughing. Sampson was always in perfect health until December 2018, when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. He didn't want to eat until we starting feeding him food from a hot food bar in a local market. We spoiled Sam as best we could, but he was taken from us too soon, in January 2019.

I am so grateful for every minute that I was able to spend with this sweet boy, and miss his smiling face everyday. Rest in peace Sam.



Sonny was a Pekingese that I found in March 2008 in the Humane Society of Middletown. He was so adorable that I couldn't resist him, even though he would only be released to rescue because he had a bite history. I worked with him as best I could, but he was a real Jekyll/Hyde personality. He was so loving with his family, but strangers were always at risk of getting their feet bitten. As such, I felt it was just too perilous to adopt him out, and I am so glad for that decision. Sonny had our family and a few close friends that he adored, and he became a valued member of our pack. Despite his short legs, he was a great little walker and loved to be outdoors.

We thought Sonny was about 2 years old when we rescued him. Due to his flat face, he had a few eye injuries, but was otherwise in good health. He eventually developed a heart murmur which didn't cause any problems. When he turned about 13 1/2 he started to slow down to the point where we knew it was time to let him go. Sonny passed peacefully on 12-21-19. He was a brave and confident little fellow who taught me that trust and friendship need to be earned, and should never be taken for granted.

Rest in Peace Sonny, we will always miss your friendship and your protection.

running paw prints

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paw prints

TTR logo designed by Sniff Design Studio.
Background and clip art courtesy of Absolute Background Textures Archive.
Additional clip art courtesy of Animation Library.
Animations courtesy of Animation Factory.
Paw prints courtesy of Fuzzy Faces.
Floating doves courtesy of Penny Parker with code from Lissa Explains it All.
Cursor trail code courtesy of Dynamic Drive.
"Angels of God" midi used with permission of Geoff Anderson, Lost Lagoon Music.

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