Puppy Mill Rescue
September 2010
Maybeline, Clara, and Arwen

Tiny Treasures Rescue has partnered again with Best Friends Animal Society to help rescue puppy mill dogs through their Puppies aren't Products campaign and Pup My Ride. We are expecting to pick up two Japanese Chins and a Chihuahua on Wednesday 9-1-10 at the meet-up site in New York City.

More info and pictures will be provided once the dogs have arrived.

Update: 9-1-10

I was out in the 90 degree heat today for 3 hours waiting for the dogs to be unloaded at Randallís Island (I went the wrong way and had to go over the Triboro twice, but thatís another story for another day!). Exhausting morning. I was melting and just couldnít get great pictures. The dogs are all washed now and in pretty good shape. The Chihuahua is very frightened but all are sweet and quiet.

The black Chin is named Arwen after the Elf in Lord of the Rings played by Liv Tyler, with her beautiful long dark hair. The other two dogs are named after my last 2 adopters, without whom I would have not been able to take in this bunch of dogs. The Chi is May and the black/white Chin is Clara.

Special thanks to all of the Best Friends staff and volunteers for all of their hard work in making this transport possible. Everything appeared to go smoothly - it was just the heat that made it unbearable. Also thanks for all of the water and Gatorade that they provided, without which I think I would have shriveled up and blown away.

Stay tuned for pictures!

Update: 9-5-10

The girls went to the vet on Friday 9-4-10 and received a clean bill of health. They no longer need to be quarantined from the resident dogs. They were introduced to the other dogs yesterday and all went well. May, Clara, and Arwen were overwhelmed at first being loose in the backyard, but after a very brief time they began to roam around and investigate their new world. Arwen in particular loved running free and feeling the cool breeze in her hair, which was a much welcome relief to the oppressive heat a few days ago. Clara and May joined in the fun today. The girls are making faster progress than I expected, but they are still a bit skiddish, and understandably so considering where they came from. They are lovely dogs and are going to make great companions to some lucky people!

To read more about this rescue, click here.

May Clara ArwenThe van just arrived and is backing in! All of the rescue groups and shelters have been anxiously awaiting their arrival!

May Clara ArwenLots of Best Friends volunteers available to help.

May Clara ArwenGetting ready to unload the dogs.

May Clara ArwenOur first girl is loaded into the car.

May Clara ArwenAll 3 are now packed up and ready to start their new life.

May Clara ArwenJust got home. The girls are in their temporary pen waiting to have baths.

May Clara ArwenEveryone is clean and they have been moved to their quarantine area. They have plenty of room to move around, with a separate potty section.

May Clara ArwenPretty girl May.

May Clara Arwen

May Clara ArwenPretty girl Clara.

May Clara Arwen

May Clara ArwenPretty girl Arwen.

May Clara Arwen

May Clara ArwenMay and Clara having a good snooze.

May Clara ArwenHanging out in the backyard.

May Clara Arwen

May Clara Arwen

May Clara Arwen

May Clara ArwenJapanese Chin under Japanese maple.

May Clara Arwen

May Clara Arwen

May Clara ArwenGroup hug!

Update: 9-15-10

New pictures have been added to the album. The girls are very comfortable with the resident dogs, but have some anxiety in meeting new people. So they are gradually going to be exposed to new experiences to help build their self-confidence. I brought May to my local Pug walk this past Sunday. She was perfectly behaved but her nerves got the better of her and the poor little thing threw up. Once back at home and in the backyard, she was happy and relaxed. May and Arwen have also become great playmates and frequently do high speed charging around the yard. They have also discovered the toy box and are frequently very busy moving all of the toys around the house. By bedtime my house looks like a day care center with toys everywhere. Clara's favorite activity is sitting on the sofa with me, or laying quietly in her soft bed.

Update: 10-2-10

The girls did fantastic at the adoption event last weekend. They were a little stressed at first, but quickly relaxed and enjoyed spending the day outside. They were admired by all who stopped by for a visit.

All three dogs are now walking well on leash and are ready and eager to start their new lives. Please send an application if you are interested in meeting them.

Update: 11-7-10

The Chins, Clara and Arwen, are on HOLD. No applications are being accepted at this time. Recent events have made me realize that they are not ready to leave yet. They are doing so well here, however, when they are not with me, they have been experiencing a lot of anxiety. I have been actively working to build their self-confidence, and give them new experiences for socialization. Clara has become very friendly with new people, but Arwen has been experiencing what I would describe as panic attacks when out on walks if there is any activity in the area. She has the most extreme flight reaction that I have ever seen. I am going to talk with the vet about starting her on Prozac, and in conjuction with a behavior modification program, she will hopefully become more relaxed. It is very sad to see her so terrified, especially as she is such a sweet, gentle, lovely little dog. This is a perfect example of the extreme neglect and trauma suffered by puppy mill dogs, and how important it is to properly socialize dogs in the critical first few months of their lives.

Update: 2-4-11

Clara has been placed in permanent care with TTR, and is no longer available for adoption. Arwen's placement continues to be on hold. She is a lovely, sweet little dog, who enjoys the company of other dogs. However, due to her experience in the puppy mill, she is very frightened of new people. She has been taking Clomicalm to help her with her anxiety. Arwen will make a wonderful companion someday. Unfortunately, she just isn't ready to meet potential adopters yet. Applications will be accepted when the "hold" is removed. Maybeline is available for adoption. Her foster mom has been doing a wonderful job with her. She would do best in a quiet adult home where she can feel safe and secure. She would also love to have another small dog to play with.

Update: 3-29-11

Maybeline is being adopted!!!

Update: 7/2011

Arwen is being adopted!!!