"I love Lucy!"
March 2012
Puppy Mill Rescue

On 3-27-12 we participated in a rescue with Best Friends Animal Society to help rescue puppy mill dogs through their Puppies aren't Products campaign and Pup My Ride. They transported over 100 dogs from midwest puppy mills to the staging area at Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, NY. As I have a full house, I was not going to be able to participate. However, Joann, the co-organizer from the Westchester Pug Meet-up, graciously offered to foster a Pug. It did not look like any Pugs were going to be coming in. However, on 3-25-12 I received a call that one 4 1/2 year old female breeder Pug was going to be released. Yeh!! We absolutely agreed to take her. Our lovely new girl, Lucy, is presently at my house for quarantine. She was filthy, has an ear infection, and was covered with ticks. Yuck!! She has been bathed, ears cleaned, and ticks removed. Once she is spayed and has a dentistry, and receives a clean bill of health, she will be transferred to Joann's house for fostering, where her training will begin. She may be offered for adoption, but chances are I will never be able to get her away from Joann! So far she is friendly and sociable, which is amazing for a puppy mill dog.

Extra special thanks to Joann for making this rescue possible!!!!!

Introducing Lucy!

LucyThe truck has arrived.

LucyOur Pug girl is in there somewhere.

LucyDogs are being unloaded one at a time to eagerly awaiting rescue groups and shelters.

LucySneaking a peak in the back.

LucyHere she comes!!!

LucyHi Lucy.

LucyCarried by a Best Friend's volunteer to be loaded into the car.

LucyHere's our makeshift quarantine unit in the garage.

LucyAll clean and ready to party. Lovely Lucy.

LucyWe love Lucy. She's such a good girl.

LucyLucy and foster brother, Clementine.

Update: 4-1-12

Lucy was spayed on 3-30-12. Her heartworm test was negative, but she will have to be retested for Lyme Disease in the future due to all of the ticks that were just taken off of her. She has whipworms but that is easily being treated. Overall her health is good, and considering the life she has had, we couldn't be more grateful. However, Lucy's vet bills were over $900. Any financial help would be most appreciated. Lucy is now in the care of her foster mom and is receiving all of the love and attention that she deserves. She was in isolation while at my home, but now she is learning to be part of a family. This is a whole new wonderful experience for her, but it will take some time for her to adjust, and to build her social skills and self-confidence.

Emergency Update: 4-2-12

Lucy was doing well until tonight. She threw up and started shaking. Her foster mom got her right back to the vet. She had some swelling around her incision and her temperature was elevated. The doctor went back in to do an emergency surgery to check the internal stitching. She said that she was having a bad reaction to the stitches, which sometimes happens with older breeder dogs. They were replaced with different suture material and she was started on antibiotics. Hopefully she will have a good night and be able to go home tomorrow. Please say a prayer that our wonderful girl has a speedy recovery. She has had enough trauma in her life and deserves to be happy, healthy, and comfortable for the rest of her days!

Update: 4-7-12

Lucy is now back with her foster mom and her health is steadily improving. We are so relieved! However, her emergency vetting cost us an additional $600. Donations in any amount would be greatly appreciated to help offset these costs.

Update: 4-20-12

Well, it's official. Lucy is being adopted by her foster mom, Joann. It is so wonderful to be able to report another happy ending!