Lexie full coatLexie summer cut

Lexie's tumorLexie's wound

Lexie is an adult female Pomeranian with what was thought to be a very large mammary tumor. She was at the Brooklyn shelter for two and a half months, as no one wanted her, and she was soon to be euthanized. On 7-23-05 we took her home. She was very fat and was dying of the heat in her huge pom coat. Her coat was clipped, removing several uncomfortable mats, her nails were trimmed, and she was given a bath. Lexie now feels cool and comfortable. The hair on her head is shiny, soft and luxurious. Lexie is very shy but is learning to relax and play. Through a proper and healthy diet and plenty of exercise, she is working towards having a girlish figure.

On 7-29-05 Lexie went to the vet to have her tumor removed and biopsied, to determine if it was cancerous. During Lexie's surgery it was determined that she actually had a very large hernia, so large in fact, that her uterus was inside. The hernia has been repaired and Lexie has been spayed. She had a very large incision, but has recovered nicely.

Special thanks to everyone who sent us donations to help cover the costs of Lexie's veterinary expenses.