Puppy Mill Rescue
March 2011
Hannah and Sampson

Tiny Treasures Rescue has partnered again with Best Friends Animal Society to help rescue puppy mill dogs through their Puppies aren't Products campaign and Pup My Ride. We are expecting to pick up dogs on 3-29-10.

Stay tuned for more info!

Update: 3-27-11

I just learned that we will be getting in a one year old male, lemon and white Japanese Chin, and a 10 year old female Maltese. More info and pictures will be posted when available.

Update: 3-29-11

My friend Cherie and I went to pick up the dogs this morning at the meet-up site hosted by Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, NY. The truck arrived early and we eagerly waited out in the cold for the 160 dogs to be carefully unloaded. Our Chin boy came out first. He needed a bath but looked to be in pretty good shape and is a very handsome fellow. Our poor Maltese girl came out at the end. She was so overgrown and matted, and filthy, but we could already tell that she was going to be a sweet dog. Once home the dogs were unloaded and placed into their pens, and temporary home for their quarantine. They are going to the vet on Friday. Once settled, the grooming began! No names yet. The Chin was as squirmy as could be during his bath. I think that I was as wet as him. But job done. The Maltese was perfectly behaved. That was fortunate because it took an enormous amount of time to hand scissor her hair. There was no sense in washing all of that matted hair, and clippers could not get through it. So I hand scissored most of her hair off. Then into the bath. I had to wash her twice before the water washed off clean. After she dried I finished her grooming. To be truthful, prior to her grooming I would have never believed that a white dog was under all of that dirty mess. Her coat is soft as silk, and clean, clean, clean! Both dogs are now ready to start their new lives.

I am so grateful to Best Friends for allowing me to participate in another rescue.

Hannah and SampsonThe truck has just arrived at Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, NY.

Hannah and Sampson

Hannah and SampsonEveryone is eagerly waiting for the dogs to be unloaded.

Hannah and SampsonThe door is open! Dogs are coming out!!

Hannah and SampsonHere's our boy!!!

Hannah and SampsonBoth dogs loaded into the car and ready to go home.

Hannah and SampsonThe Maltese is very overgrown, dirty and matted.

Hannah and SampsonAnd let the grooming begin...

Hannah and SampsonSeverely neglected teeth.

Hannah and SampsonRotten and loose.

Hannah and SampsonThere was an adorable little WHITE dog under all of that mess!

Hannah and SampsonPretty Hannah posing for a picture.

Hannah and SampsonBig boy Sampson after his bath. Posing like he just won Westminster.

Hannah and SampsonWhat a handsome guy.

Hannah and SampsonThey will be sprung from puppy prison once the vet gives them a clean bill of health.

Hannah and SampsonResting peacefully.