Gordon is an adult Pug that was picked up by the NYPD after having been hit by a car. He was taken to the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan where x-rays revealed that he has multiple fractures to his pelvis, a dislocated hip, and some abrasions. Despite being on a temporary hold for taking in new dogs, and lack of funding, when I learned of Gordon's serious situation, I had to act. If not, Gordon, who was a stray dog would have been taken to the shelter without the necessary surgery. The AMC graciously agreed to make an exception and release the dog to TTR. I went down to the AMC, and after meeting Gordon and speaking with the doctor, I agreed to assume full responsibilty for his medical care.

It should also be noted that Gordon is missing and eye which had been surgically removed at some point in his life. He also had an old (untreated) healed fracture to his right elbow. Of concern was that the dislocated hip was causing stress on his elbow. Continued strain could eventually result in his needing to have his leg amputated. As such, it was felt that hip surgery was the best course of action.

In order to help Gordon in his recovery and to help alleviate his pain, a femoral head ostectomy will be performed at the AMC on 11-9-09. This procedure involves removing the head of the femur (the ball of the ball-and-socket hip joint) and allowing a moderate amount of scar tissue formation to create a "false joint" that would support his weight. An FHO would likely give him the best chance for a rapid return to function. The estimate for the cost of the surgery is $2500, but TTR has been given a "good samaritin" discount of $500. Additional expenses will be incurred at a later date during Gordon's recovery which will include vaccinations, heartworm and fecal testing, and follow-up exrays.

Special thanks to the staff at the AMC for their attentive care of Gordon and assistance to me in getting approved to be his guardian.

Financial assistance is greatly needed to pay for Gordon's surgery and to provide him with the very best care. Please help us by making a donation today. No amount is too small. Every little bit helps so much. Update: Special thanks to everyone who contributed. The donations received covered Gordon's extensive expenses in full.

Gordon needs about 6 to 8 weeks to heal after surgery, and then he will be available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting this wonderful boy, please fill out an adoption application. Please note: It will probably never be safe for Gordon to use stairs, other than maybe one step up or down.

GordonI met Gordon for the first time at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. Even though he was a stray dog with no health insurance, he received the very best care. He spent a week in the critical care unit where he was monitored 24 hours a day. Gordon was in a lot of pain, but was the very best patient.

GordonHe came home temporarily pending his surgery.

GordonThis is our makeshift ICU, as he has to be kept calm and quiet at all times, with limited movement.

GordonGordon is transported out of the hospital, still groggy from his pain meds.

GordonIt's good to be home.

GordonTaking a nap after this exhausting experience.

GordonAnd more napping...

GordonGordon must learn to put weight on his leg.

GordonJust finished his range of motion exercises.

GordonStitches out. Yeh!

GordonHappy boy! His fecal is negative. No more whipworm!!.

GordonGordon is all ready for the cold weather in his new sweater.

GordonMeeting some of the pack for the first time.

GordonResident Pug Barrett is thrilled to have a new puggy friend.

GordonChecking out the backyard. Let's play follow the Pug.


GordonIt's not even Christmas, and look at all these toys!

GordonPug tug.

GordonPooped out Pugs.

GordonPug snuggling.

GordonKeeping warm, Pug style. (Just a note: I didn't squeeze these 2 into this little crate. They went in by themselves to nap.)

Update: 11-9-09

Special thanks for all of the donations that have been received so far. (Individual thank you's will be sent as soon as I get a minute.) While the money is desperately needed to pay for Gordon's vet bills, it is also wonderful to receive support from all over the country, and recognition that this little dog's life is worth saving. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I also think it takes a community to rescue a dog requiring extensive care (especially when euthanasia would have been the easiest and cheapest solution). When everyone helps even a little, it makes all the difference! Also, special thanks to Patty for providing transportation VERY EARLY this morning for Gordon to the AMC.

Gordon's surgery was successful today! It is anticipated that he will be discharged tomorrow. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates on his progress.

Update: 11-11-09

Gordon came home from the hospital last night. He was still groggy from his pain meds, and seemed comfortable. However, this morning he was stiff and sore. He has a pain patch and additional pain meds were given. Despite his discomfort, he remains the sweetest fellow. All he wants is some company and attention. I have been spending time sitting in his pen petting him until he settles down for a nap. Scar tissue needs to form to create a "false joint" and the leg needs to be stretched so the tissue doesn't stiffen. He is reluctant to stand or walk on his leg, so he is being held up so he learns to put a little pressure on his leg. I have also been doing passive range of motion exercises with him. Once Gordon's stitches are removed I'll start water therapy with him where he will swim while being held in place in the bathtub. I just need to get him a life jacket with a handle so that I can help support his body. Otherwise I am afraid that he might sink! Do Pugs float?

Update: 11-13-09

I was starting to get worried about Gordon's progress. I have been able to prop him up for a few seconds, but then he would flop over. Yesterday afternoon he took a few wobbly steps. However, last night he refused to stand at all, and I couldn't do his leg exercises because he seemed to be in pain. According to the surgeon's report, "It is very important that Gordon begin to use his back right leg in a consistent manner, bearing weight with every step, in order for the leg to heal. He needs assistance to stand at this point, and this should gradually improve as his muscles strengthen." The first two weeks after the surgery is a critical period in the formation of the scar tissue and Gordon must begin using his leg.

This morning I took Gordon out of his pen so that I could clean it. I placed him on the rug and HE STARTED WALKING!!!! He was able to take multiple steps before lying down. I kept calling him and he would come to me. We went through this exercise a number of times. He then had a good breakfast and was put back in his pen for a much needed nap after his first big workout. I am now encouraged that he is really on the road to recovery. He's scheduled to have his stitches out next Friday. I also ordered his life vest. Stay tuned.....

I had to write again today to give another update. Gordon has had 3 great workouts today. His tail has been hanging low, but he even raised it for the first time and gave a little wag. How exciting! He has been having a tough time but is such a little trooper. He struggles to get up on his own but he is desperate to come to me when I call him. It is amazing to see how hard he works to walk to me. I am so proud of him!

Update: 11-16-09

I received Gordon's life vest in the mail today. I had measured my Pug Barrett who is of similar size. Well, there is no way that this vest is designed to fit around a Pug chest. I'll have to order the next size larger. Shopping for a Pug is like trying to get clothes for a "husky" kid. In order for the item to be large enough in the middle, it is always going to be way too long. Oh well.

Gordon continues to struggle with his walking, but he's making progress. He was refusing to walk outside, but yesterday he took his first steps on the sidewalk and on the grass. He also went to the bathroom for the first time outside. I think the sun and fresh air did him some good. Ahh, the small victories! Today he actually sniffed around a bit. All of his concentration has had to be on keeping his balance. It was nice for him to be able to experience the simple joys of being a dog.

I belong to The Bronxville Pug Walk. If Gordon is up to it I would like to take him on the walk next weekend. Of course he is not well enough to do the walk, but I hope he would enjoy being out in his stroller. It would be nice for him to start making some puggy friends, and who knows, maybe he will meet just the right family to adopt him.

Update: 11-19-09

Gordon was having a hard time walking yesterday, but he was able to get himself up and moving much better today. He looks a bit like a drunken sailor when he tries to go to the bathroom, but he is doing terrific with his housebreaking. I think he will have good days and bad days, but his spirits remain cheery. He also is eating well on his own now and I no longer have to hand feed him. While I am saddened that Gordon was out alone in the street with no one looking for him and subsequently injured, I am so grateful that he came into my life and that I can assure him that he will never be homeless again.

Update: 11-25-09

The doctors did not want to give Gordon his vaccinations because his body was stressed enough from his injury. They didn't want to take a chance of him having a bad reaction when he was having surgery. As a result, he has been kept isolated from the other dogs in the house. He had his stitches out on Friday 11/20, had all of his vaccinations, and was heartworm and fecal tested. He also received a microchip. Gordon was going to be introduced to the other dogs that weekend. Unfortunately, he tested positive for whipworms. He is being treated, but must continue to be quarantined for another three weeks, when he will be retested. This may be for the best anyway as he might get too excited to meet the other dogs. While he needs to walk and use his leg, he is not allowed to play or use any stairs.

On a more positive note, Gordon is doing terrific. He is no longer on any pain medication and his walking is steadily improving. He can get up on his own and he appears to be sleeping more comfortably. Initially he would only lie on the side where he had the surgery. Now he is able to alternate positions and also sit up straight. He wags his tail regularly now! While Gordon is not quite ready to leave yet, if you are interested in adopting him, please fill out an application. He would be happy to have visitors.

Update: 11-28-09

Gordon's total expenses to date are $2458. This Thanksgiving I am particularly thankful to know Gordon. I also want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes and prayers, and so many generous donations for Gordon. It has made all the difference! Gordon, by the way, is the most wonderful and funny fellow. He is getting stronger everyday.

Update: 12-5-09

Gordon's new and larger life vest came in the mail. However, I have been very sick this past week and was not well enough to start his water therapy. We shall give it a try soon. His progress continues, and as he has been feeling so much better, his personality is emerging. He is a very silly Pug. He loves to roll over on his back and wiggle all about having a great time giving himself a good back massage. He usually does this on the rug, but the other night he threw himself into the grass. I am so happy that he is feeling so good but have to constantly remind myself that he has multiple pelvic fractures which are still healing. He has also tried to do a little running and I have to keep slowing him down and telling him to take it easy so that he doesn't overdo it. Yesterday Gordon lifted his good leg on the fire hydrant and received big cheers from me, as it required him to put all of his weight on his injured leg. He usually just squats to go to the bathroom, which doesn't matter. However, considering that a few weeks ago he couldn't even hold himself up at all, this deserves an honorable mention.

I have Gordon listed as a full Pug, but I may have to add that he is part wolf. I am not sure if he does it because he is just so happy or because he wants attention. But sometimes Gordon sits down, throws back his head, purses his flat lips, and HOWLS. It's the funniest thing. I am going to see if he does it when there is a full moon just to determine if he is in fact a werewolf! However, he's so cute and friendly that I am positive this could not the case.

My cousin visited the other day and when he met Gordon he called him "Flash" Gordon. I can't believe I never thought of this. Gordon is a super hero! He's strong and brave, despite the pain he was in, and he never gave up. The flash will also soon represent his speed as he is moving faster everyday.

Update: 12-15-09

Gordon is almost ready to go to his new home.

Adoption Applications are now being accepted!

Update: 12-19-09

Gordon's fecal retest was negative today. Yeh! No more whipworm. His sweater arrived just in time for the storm. He was also introduced to the pack. New pictures are posted above. Resident Pug Barrett thought he went to Pug heaven. He followed Gordy around every minute.

Update: 1-3-10

Happy New Year! Special thanks to everyone who helped us start the new year in good shape. Total donations received for Gordon were $2653. This has enabled us to cover all of his veterinary costs ($2495). The extra money paid for his new sweater, harness, leash, and collar, which will all go with him when he is adopted. The money also provides for his daily care which includes only good quality food, vegetables, and supplements, which are given to all of our dogs. As well as for Gordon's monthly heartworm medication and any necessary follow-up veterinary care.

Make sure you check Gordon's album above as new photos have been added.

Update: 3-22-10

Gordon has a pending adoption!

Update: 3-28-10

Gordon went to his new home yesterday for a trial placement. He has been making an excellent adjustment, and is already bonding with his two new Pug siblings. He is missed here, but he has an opportunity for a wonderful and full life, so as hard a decision as it was, it was best to let him go. We wish him all the best in his new life.

Update: 4-10-10

Gordon has been officially adopted! Congratulations Barbara, Dave, Janet, Frank, Una, Brodie, and of course Gordon too!!!!