Puppy Mill Rescue
March 2010
Darla and Delilah

Tiny Treasures Rescue has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to help rescue puppy mill dogs through their Puppies aren't Products campaign and Pup My Ride. We are expecting to pick up two Japanese Chins on Wednesday 3-24-10 at the meet-up site in New Jersey.

More info and pictures will be provided once the dogs have arrived.

Update: 3-22-10

I have just learned that TTR will be receiving two female lemon/white Chins, only four years old. I can't wait to meet them!

Update: 3-23-10

Here's the latest news on our transport, and a video.

Update: 3-28-10

Here's the latest news and more news.

Well, it has been quite an exciting few days. On Wednesday 3-24-10 I was up at 5 am. I could hardly sleep as I was worried about not getting up on time. I fed my pack, got ready, and waited for my friend Kate, who was accompanying me. I was ready to go by 6:20 am, anxious to get on the road. For anyone who knows me, I am not a morning person. Nonetheless Kate and I were en route to the Monmouth County SPCA by 6:50 am. When we arrived at 8:45 am the Best Friends truck was already unloading dogs to the eagerly awaiting receiving groups, made up of rescues and shelters. Approximately 150 dogs were unloaded lovingly one by one, to rescuers grateful for their arrival. Kate commented that it was not a pitty party with people feeling sorry for the dogs, but each little face was greeted with oohs and aahs from an admiring crowd. It was a celebration for the dogs who were now on their way to living new lives and leaving a life of servitude in the mills far behind them.

When our little Chins faces popped up we immediately knew it was well worth the trip, and so appreciative that Best Friends allowed us to be a part of this amazing experience. We quickly secured our girls in a crate in the car. They are not used to being held and were extremely stiff and fearful. Everyone took special care to make sure the dogs did not get loose. It was a chilly morning and once we got in the car and ready to leave, the smell of these tiny dogs overwhelmed us. The dogs were so dirty but we did not complain because other than the filth, they appeared to be in pretty good shape. They rested quietly for the whole ride home and never made a peep.

It took two baths each to get the girls smelling better. They were blowdryed and combed out, placed in an x-pen with clean towels and a bowl of food. Both girls began jumping around and playing! I couldn't believe the transformation now that they were feeling so much better. They were so well behaved for their grooming.

Prior to the transport all dogs are dewormed, and given vaccinations including rabies. On 3-26-10 the girls went to the vet. They are in good health, but are presently both being treated for ear infections and for Coccidia. Darla's white blood cell count was elevated which the vet attributes to the poor condition of her teeth. She is on antibiotics. The girls were also given a Bordetella vaccination. Both girls will soon be spayed and have their teeth cleaned. Delilah also needs a cyst removed from her head, and an umbilical hernia repaired.

Darla and DelilahThe Best Friends truck parked at the Monmouth County SPCA.

Darla and DelilahDogs are being unloaded one by one.

Darla and DelilahHere come our Japanese Chins!!

Darla and DelilahThey are so adorable.

Darla and DelilahSecurely loaded into the car, on their way to a new life.

Darla and DelilahDelilah's getting a bath.

Darla and DelilahAll soaped up.

Darla and DelilahStarting to smell soooo much better.

Darla and DelilahNice and dry and fluffy.

Darla and DelilahDarla showing off her beautiful coat.

Darla and DelilahDelilah is a bit shy with picture taking.

Darla and DelilahThe girls love their pen, and temporary home while they are quarantined.

Darla and DelilahSafe and secure, and sleeping peacefully.

Darla and DelilahAnd more sweet dreams of a brighter future!

Darla and DelilahDelilah had the cyst on her head removed.

Darla and DelilahThe girls are getting used to wearing harnesses and leashes for the first time.

Darla and DelilahVenturing out just a little bit.

Darla and DelilahThey love getting a little sun on their faces and breathing in the fresh spring air.

Darla and DelilahMeeting the pack for the first time. The girls are so well behaved that everyone gets along just fine.

Darla and DelilahReady to check out the yard.

Darla and DelilahNap time.

Darla and DelilahSisters snuggling.

Darla and DelilahAnd snoozing.

Darla and Delilah

Darla and Delilah

Financial assistance is greatly needed to pay for Darla and Delilah's veterinary care. Our bills are already over $500 and will be considerably more after they both have surgery. I am committed to providing them with the very best care. Please help by making a donation today. No amount is too small. Every little bit helps so much.

Update: 4-5-10

Now that the girls are feeling safe and well cared for, their confidence is growing and their individual personalities are beginning to emerge. As a pair, they are absolutely delightful. Both girls are friendly, playful, and love to meet people. Darla is the more adventurous one, while Delilah is much more reserved. Darla is getting used to being picked up, but Delilah is still stressed. She loves to lean over my lap as long as her back feet are on the ground or on a chair. So we are building on that. When the dogs are loose inside they feel confident enough to run around and check things out. Darla will run to me when I call her. However, Delilah desperately wants to come to me. You can see her eagerness in her face, but her body won't cooperate. So she throws herself flat out on her belly, and only uses her front feet to drag herself to me. I call it her rug swimming. She is so pleased with herself when she gets to me. After a few days of this she will now run up to about one foot in front of me and then do her swimming to me.

The girls were comfortable with their harnesses on inside and would run around with them on. However, once outside they would freeze. After a while with gentle prodding, they would walk a few feet, but I would have to carry them back to the house. So I decided to use flexi-leashes and tie them out in the garage while I was doing laundry. This way they could get used to the tension on the leash, which would be based on their own movements, not mine. Darla was the first to explore the outside, but Delilah followed when I sat out there as well. They loved the freedom of being able to come in and out on their own. They particularly liked being on their tie-outs while my mother walked on the treadmill and supervised them. I then tried to walk them on the flexi-leashes. I just let them go at their own pace and do what they felt comfortable with. Then, on Easter Sunday, both girls began to walk with so much confidence. Sometimes I had to bend down and call them to me to get them to move, but we were eventually able to walk down the street. Both girls looked so happy and carefree. How exciting to see such progress!

At this time it seems that it would be best for the girls to be adopted into a quiet adult home where work can continue to be done to help build their confidence. Everything is new to them so it is important that they are not frightened. Well mannered older children in the home would be fine. Their potty pad training has been going well, but this will also need to be worked on in their new home. I am trying to get them to go to the bathroom outside, but this is a new experience for them, so it will take time. The girls get along very well together, and can frequently be found sleeping next to each other. Right now they are helping each other to cope with their new lives. However, it has not yet been determined if they need to be adopted together, although this certainly would be nice for them.

Update: 4-15-10

The girls had their surgery on 4-7-10. They were both spayed and had their teeth cleaned. No more puppies for them. Yeh! Their breath is smelling so much better now. Delilah also had the cyst on her head removed and biopsied (just a cyst, thank goodness), and her hernia repaired. The girls are recovering well. Our vet gave us a generous discount but our expenses for the girls are now over $1600. Your financial support will help us to be able to continue to participate in rescuing puppy mill dogs. Just click the link above to help. Special thanks for the donations that have already been received, including some cash donations which are not shown on the Chip In above. On 4-14-10 the girls had their fecal samples retested and are now negative for Coccidia, but tested positive for Giardia. They will start meds to treat this condition, and will be retested. Their leash training is coming along well. Once the Giardia is gone they will be ready for adoption. Applications are now being accepted and the girls are ready to meet potential adopters.

Update: 4-27-10

The Giardia has been successfully treated. The girls were introduced to the rest of the pack this past weekend. They loved meeting the other dogs. Being in a house is new to them so they have been enjoying exploring every nook and cranny. They like to play wild chase games with each other where they charge around the house, and then take turns pouncing on each other and wrestling. The girls are very bonded and it would be best for them to be adopted together.

Adoption events are currently being planned. A notice will be provided when scheduling has been finalized for anyone that would like to come and meet Darla and Delilah.

Update: 5-20-10

The girls continue to make great progress. They can do some stairs now, walk terrifically on leash, play with toys, and their housebreaking is really coming along.

On Saturday May 22nd we will be at the PETCO on Central Avenue in Yonkers, NY from 12 pm to 3 pm. Please stop by if you would like to meet the girls.

Update: 5-24-10

On Saturday June 5th we will be at the Subaru/ASPCA "Love A Pet" Adoption Day, on the grounds of Prestige Imports on 47 Pleasantville Road, Pleasantville, NY from 11 am to 3 pm. Please stop by if you would like to meet the girls.

Update: 8-26-10

Darla and Delilah were adopted and have joined previous orphan Meghan, in one big, happy household, which includes 3 cats! Congratulations to Clara and May!