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Tiny Treasures Rescue was founded in 2005 from a desire to help orphaned dogs in Westchester County and New York City, and find them permanent, loving homes. TTR incorporated in 2006 in the State of New York, and is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. (For verification, click: NYS Department of State, and NYS Attorney General's Charities Bureau)

Some of TTR's dogs come directly from local animal shelters. Some of these dogs have been abused or seriously neglected, suffer from untreated health problems and injuries, have never received regular veterinary care, have never been groomed properly, often resulting in painful matting, and suffer from kennel cough which is frequently transmitted in shelters. Some of these dogs were abandoned, simply discarded by irresponsible owners, and were picked up by local animal care and control as strays wandering the streets alone, starving, having to fight for food to stay alive. Some dogs have been surrendered to shelters by their owners, or have been abandoned by owners who moved or were evicted, and carelessly left their pets behind in empty apartments. Some have been seized when their owner was arrested. Others became homeless because of owners who have divorced, have been placed in nursing homes, or who have passed away. Some dogs have been surrendered directly to TTR by owners who are no longer able to keep their pets for a variety of reasons, and have requested help in rehoming their dogs.

TTR is not a shelter. It is a not-for-profit group of volunteers. Dogs are cared for in foster homes where they are temperament tested, taught basic manners, socialized with people and other dogs, crate trained, housebroken and/or paper-trained. Each dog is vaccinated, receives veterinary and dental care as needed, is tested for heartworm and started on prevention, is spayed or neutered, groomed, and receives a microchip.

TTR specializes in small dogs (primarily adult and senior dogs), with special consideration for Chihuahuas, Pugs, and Japanese Chin.

Many shelters do the best they can with limited resources. However, a shelter is not a natural environment for a dog. The dog is already confused and frightened from being surrendered, captured, or seized. This is compounded by the stressful living conditions of the shelter, such as overcrowding, barking dogs, and crate confinement. Dogs are social animals who require affectionate personal interaction, mental stimulation through play and training, socialization, and exercise to thrive. They form strong relationships with people and other animals and suffer when these bonds are broken.

There are many wonderful people who want to invite rescued dogs into their homes, but visiting a shelter can be an upsetting and overwhelming experience. Many times a well-intentioned adopter chooses a dog from a shelter and is not prepared for this significant challenge. The history of most of these dogs is never fully known. The dog may have undiagnosed health problems, may not be housebroken, may bark excessively, may be destructive, may be aggressive, and may even bite. As a result, the dog is returned to the shelter, perpetuating a cycle of failure and abandonment, ending all too frequently in euthanasia.

A foster home acts as a unique intermediary. The structure and stability of the foster home enables the dog to feel safe and well-cared for in a loving home. Consistent rules are reinforced through positive behavior modification which helps the dog build self-confidence and learn to trust people. The dog's personality emerges and behavioral issues are properly addressed. This allows a potential adopter to see the real dog. TTR's goal is to match a potential adopter with the dog best able to meet his or her personality, activity level, and lifestyle, and to find the best home for each dog. Once a match has been made, TTR provides ongoing supportive aftercare services to help the dog make a smooth transition to the new home. TTR is always willing to take a dog back at any time for any reason.

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TTR offers the following services:

  • Rescue: Dogs are given a behavioral evaluation and veterinary care as needed, and offered for adoption.
  • Rehabilitation: Some dogs require special medical care for illness or injury before they can be offered for adoption.
  • Retirement: TTR is especially fond of senior dogs. Many are carelessly discarded into shelters just to be euthanized, even though they have plenty of "good life" left in them. They deserve to spend their remaining time comfortably in loving, peaceful homes. However, some of these dogs are just too old and emotionally fragile to have to adjust to a new home. TTR allows them to spend their golden years in quiet retirement.
  • Hospice Care: Some dogs that come to TTR suffer from serious health problems and their life expectancy is limited. TTR cares for them for as long as they are happy and comfortable, and allows them to pass on peacefully.

Please take a look at our available dogs to see if one might be right for you. Feel free to contact TTR if you have any questions.

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